The Complete Works of Thomas Manton

The Complete Works of Thomas Manton

This 22 Volume Hardcover Set is smyth-sewn, shrink-wrapped on acid free paper and boxed as a complete set in a double wall container for special protection.

Read what these great men have to say about this commentary set:

"The renowned Thomas Manton (1620-1677), whose writings have long been prized by thousands, was known first and foremost as a great preacher. In a day when good preaching is sorely lacking, we need the reprint of his Complete Works, in which twenty of his twenty-two volumes are sermons. These sermons are the legacy of a powerful preacher devoted to the systematic teaching and application of God's Word. Whether he is expounding the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 119, Isaiah 53, James, or Jude, Manton presents us with the best that English Puritans had to offer in careful, solid, warmhearted exposition of the Scriptures." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, author of MEET THE PURITANS "

This valuable set of Puritan writings only becomes available once every few decades when an adventuresome publisher decides to invest a great deal of time and money to offer this gift to Christ's church. It has only been reprinted twice in the last 150 years, not counting the current edition. Do not fail to obtain a copy of this set, and think of giving one to your pastor as an act of gratitude for his faithfulness. And then be a reader of these wonderful books, not a collector only." - Dr. Don Kistler, The Northampton Press

"While less theological than Owen or Goodwin, and less thematic than Flavel or Watson, Manton excels in exposition. One never fails to find him dealing with the text. His homiletical divisions are both enlightening and entertaining. One finds himself saying, 'Of course, why didn't I think of that?' Among the Puritans he is the best confluence of sense and sententiousness. While not modern, his comments, unlike the moderns, are a happy mix of bones, muscles, and heart." - Pastor Tom Lyon, Providence Reformed Baptist Church, University Place, WA

"Thomas Manton led his family in Bible reading, memorization and explanation. If we learn anything from Manton's preaching it is that he preached with clarity. Certainly this was his approach to family worship as well. For Manton and the Puritans the important thing was to be clear concerning the gospel of our Lord. Manton was a "Pastor-Theologian" who demonstrated courage of life, precision in preaching and faithfulness in ministry. From a godly home, to the University, to prison, to a lifetime of ministry and devotion to family--Manton was a giant whose light still shines through his writings. Solid Ground Christian Books is bringing to Pastors, churches, and families a theological feast that will be a family treasure to be passed on to future generations. I encourage your strong consideration of the "Works of Thomas Manton". - Ray Rhodes, Jr. is President of Nourished in the Word Ministries and Author of "Family Worship for the Christmas Season"

C.H. Spurgeon wrote, "While commenting upon the One Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm, I was brought into most intimate communion with Thomas Manton, who has discoursed upon that marvelous portion of Scripture with great fullness and power. I have come to know him so well that I could choose him out from among a thousand divines if he were again to put on his portly form, and display among modern men that countenance wherein was a 'great mixture of majesty and meekness.' His works occupy twenty-two volumes in the modern reprint: a mighty mountain of sound theology. They mostly consist of sermons; but what sermons! For solid, sensible instruction forcibly delivered, they cannot be surpassed. Manton is not brilliant, but he is always clear; he is not oratorical, but he is powerful; he is not striking, but he is deep. There is not a poor discourse in the whole collection: he is evenly good, constantly excellent. Ministers who do not know Manton need not wonder if they are themselves unknown." J.C. Ryle wrote a lengthy Introduction to the edition printed in the 19th century. He concluded with these words:

"It only remains for me to express my earnest hope that this new edition of Manton's works may prove acceptable to the public, and meet with many purchasers and readers. If any one wants to buy a good specimen of a Puritan divine, my advice unhesitatingly is, ' Let him buy Manton.' We have fallen upon evil days both for thinking and reading. Sermons which contain thought and matter are increasingly rare. The inexpressible shallowness, thinness, and superficiality of many popular sermons in this day is something lamentable and appalling. Readers of real books appear to become fewer and fewer every year. Newspapers, and magazines, and periodicals seem to absorb the whole reading powers of the rising generation. What it will all end in God only knows. The prospect before us is sorrowful and humiliating.

In days like these, I am thankful that the publishers of Manton's Works have boldly come forward to offer some real literary gold to the reading public. I earnestly trust that they will meet with the success which they deserve. If any recommendation of mine can help them in bringing out the writings of this admirable Puritan in a new form, I give it cheerfully and with all my heart."



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